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As most of us are constantly on the move a car seat back support becomes an essential device for regular use for both comfort and prevention and at times even as a cure for backaches. The car back seat support is ergonomically designed to fit in with the shape of our spinal chord thereby offering much more comfort and necessary support to the spine. The wrong sitting posture that we adopt unknowingly can create severe spinal problems and injuries. The car seat back support ensures that the driver always maintains the correct posture when sitting behind the wheels for long durations. It also helps to prevent the arising of any discomfort to the driver especially since his concentration needs to be focused while driving.

Most of us fear a visit to the physician and delay scheduling a visit even when we face common symptoms like pain in the neck or the back. It is advisable to seek medical advice when such aches and pains begin to crop up as they have a tendency to become chronic with the passage of time. When you have spent long hours sitting it would be advisable to stand up and stretch your tired muscles and nerves for a while before getting back to work. Adopt a healthy eating habit and take up a new sport or any form of physical activity to ensure that your body maintains the fitness and agility that is natural at your age. Introduce precautionary measures which provide support and comfort to your body like a car seat back support while driving.

Many methods of relaxation and healthy living are being adapted by the people around the globe who have fallen prey to the stress and pressure of their daily lives. Meditation and yoga have become the popular means of relieving stress. Add to these simple measures like proper breathing and the intake of the right kind of food will ensure a long and healthy life for you and your loved ones. The invention of comfort devices like a car seat back support has further added to the means by which we can ensure maximum comfort and safety for our selves. Incorporating these basic measures can make a substantial difference to the way we lead our lives.

KIGALI, Jan. 19 (Xinhua) -- Rwanda is planning to install a cable car system to facilitate hikes to Karisimbi Volcano, the highest mountain in the country and the fifth in Africa at 4,507 meters above sea level.

The ambitious cable car plan seeks to improve access and boost tourism in Musanze district, Northern Province, known for its volcanic mountain and endangered mountain gorillas.

"A hike to Karisimbi's summit is not an ordinary one. Someone needs relatively good health and stamina to hike through the slippery slopes to reach the summit which is white capped," Belize Kaliza, chief tourism officer at the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), told reporters Thursday.

She noted that the government is in contract negotiations with an Italian firm to build the cable car system.

The Karisimbi cable car project, second on the continent after that in Cape Town, South Africa, will offer unique features such as crater surfing via zip lines, according to RDB.

The cable car project is expected to cost 38 million U.S. dollars.

Rwanda's tourism sector is one of the leading foreign exchange earners for the country.

RDB statistics indicate that in 2014 the country's tourism industry registered revenue receipts worth 304.9 million dollars. The country hosted a total of about 1.22 million visitors in the same year.

GENEVA Cheap Myles Garrett Jersey , June 14 (Xinhua) -- One in six elderly people aged 60 and over, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, suffers various forms of abuse, inflicting an impact on their health and wellbeing Cheap Isaiah Crowell Jersey , a latest study by the World Health Organization says on Wednesday.

The study, supported by the WHO and published in the Lancet Global Health, draws on the best available evidence from 52 studies in 28 countries from different regions, including 12 low- and middle-income countries.

It has found that almost 16% of people aged 60 years and older were subjected to either psychological abuse Cheap Joe Thomas Jersey , financial abuse, neglect, physical abuse or sexual abuse.

The most pervasive, for example Cheap DeShone Kizer Jersey , is psychological abuse, which includes behaviors that harm an older person's self-worth or wellbeing, such as name calling, scaring Cheap Jim Brown Jersey , embarrassing, destroying property, or preventing them from seeing friends and family.

All forms of the abuse can have health effects on the aged, such as traumatic injury and pain Wholesale Cleveland Browns Jerseys , depression, stress and anxiety, and hence a possible increased risk of nursing home placement, use of emergency services Wholesale Browns Jerseys , hospitalization and death.

"Despite the frequency and the serious health consequences, elder abuse remains one of the least investigated types of violence in national surveys, and one of the least addressed in national plans to prevent violence," says Alana Officer Cheap Cleveland Browns Jerseys , Senior Health Adviser, Department of Ageing and Life Course at WHO.

"We must do much more to prevent and respond to the increasing frequency o.
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